Microsoft acknowledges new problems in Windows 11 23H2

by thewoxy store on Apr 21, 2024

Microsoft acknowledges new problems in Windows 11 23H2
Microsoft recently released the latest feature update, ‘version 23H2,’ for Windows 11. However, the update is facing various issues, including problems with Copilot on multi-monitor setups and a malfunctioning Narrator. Microsoft has acknowledged the issues and has paused the update on supported PCs while they work on a fix.

Rollout of Windows 11 23H2 began last month, and more users have joined in after it started becoming available via the Media Creation Tool. This update introduces new features such as a new AI-powered assistant called Copilot and a revamped File Explorer, among others.

However, it appears that not everything is going smoothly with the update. Initially, we reported that the update was failing to install for some users. Now it seems that more issues are arising. According to Microsoft’s Known Issues page for Windows 11, users may experience unexpected behavior.

PCs with multi-monitor setups are experiencing an issue where icons move between monitors when using Copilot. The issue also affects icon alignment on desktops whenever Copilot is used. Fortunately, Microsoft has suspended the 23H2 rollout for affected devices. Users are advised against updating to Windows 11 23H2 manually.

The issue also seems to be present on Windows 10 22H2 and occurs due to Copilot usage. This implies that the issue might not be due to Windows but to Copilot.

This is not surprising, as users have complained about issues with Microsoft’s latest assistant since its launch.

Microsoft has made changes to Copilot starting with Windows 11 Preview Build 23595. The assistant has been moved to the right of the Taskbar. This change disables the “show the desktop” option on the taskbar, but it can be re-enabled in Settings.

Another issue mentioned on Microsoft’s Known Issues page for Windows 11 warns users about a broken Narrator, specific to the 23H2 update. This only occurs in devices where it is installed via ISO or the Media Creation Tool.

Microsoft has advised users to update to the latest version of their OS via Windows Update only and to refrain from forcing the installation via Media.

As of now, there seems to be no resolution for these issues. We will update this article when Microsoft issues a fix.